Agario Cheat

Games are designed by game investors for fun to their customers. There are very many games that can be accessed in the day to day internet activities. Millions of games can be downloaded from the play store application. Some games played online, and others are just by clicking the play store application in your android application and downloading million of games.

Popular games include Agario Game, Temple run, and even candy crush. These are generally for fun perhaps if bored, and some are for time wasting. Some of these are very addictive. The main aim of this article is to discuss the Agario game. This game is very addictive and very simple to play. You should find the only agario cheat out there. It is played using a device referred to as a mouse, the W key and the spacebar.


To play this game, go the website listed above which is: Agario.mods. Once you hagarioave cited the website, select the user name, after selecting the user name, a board appears which resembles a tiny colored blob, the aim of this game is mainly to consume the small balls lying on the board so that they can become larger while avoiding the large blob.

If this large blob consumes you, then the Game comes to a halt! After feeding on these small pellets, you become big enough where you can even start feeding and absorbing the smaller blobs. The rules of this game are simply: eat and avoid being consumed by other bigger blobs. The process of eating this smaller blobs and seeing you enlarge into bigger blobs simply means you’re just getting to the climax of this game.


Every game has its tips and agrio gametricks! These tricks and tips enable one to perfect this game. If you become perfect, you end up being proud and people term you “GURU.” The following are tips and tricks for this wonderful game, and they include: When you start the games as a little blob, evade hide the blob behind the viruses to save it from being eaten. Use the corners for an added advantage.

After feeding the small blobs, and you are huge enough hind it is advisable to split. Use the viruses to separate your rivals in the game, In conclusion, being top of the game, be keen with your enemies(viruses).When hit by one protect the little pieces with the bigger ones.