Reasons Why German Shepherd Is A Good Dog


Today German shepherd dogs are best known for their noble police service. But have you ever wondered why they are preferred? This breed of dogs is extraordinary in many ways as compared to other breeds. Experts from hayes haus german shepherds puppies breeder, most people prefer this breed due to the numerous praises they have heard about their services. So below we will highlight some various reasons why the dog is preferred.

Reasons why German Shepherd is a good dog


dogsExperts say that the dog has a high level of intelligence compared to other dogs. They easily learn and can remember what they have been taught without much struggle. The largest population of police service dogs all over the world are the German Shepherds for a reason. Police use them for intelligence errands like detecting drugs and trailing fugitives among other errands. The dogs are subjected to high level of training, and they cope up so well. They also love what they do.

Protect and love their master

They say that all dogs are submissive to their master and love them. However, the German shepherd breed is over protective to the one who takes care of them since they are young. They do not entertain any intruders coming near either the master or masters property. Therefore, they are mostly used for security purposes at homes or other premises. They are aggressive on this matters and can even attack if you do not retrieve from intruding.

Good trainers

dog trainersWell, you have been wondering on how to cut on weight. This is a good option to adapt of taking 30 minutes or more daily exercise with the dog. It will never let you down in setting the pace and encouraging you to keep on unless it is unwell. Most people have done this, and for your information, the dog needs this exercise as equally as you. Apart from running either on tracks or straight road, one can take some games set by the trainers which are health for both of you.

Good diet, good health

The dog keeps a stable health if kept on healthy eating. It is known to have a good immunity and vets confirm that it is rare to have a German shepherd on their list of ailments. They are known to have stamina throughout even when subjected to straining conditions that need extra energy. However, they need care to too and regular health checks by a qualified vet is a must.…

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