Reasons to Bake Your Weed

You may be wondering why others bake their weeds when they can take it the easier way, like smoking or vaping. If you haven’t yet tasted a weed cake, wait until you try before you judge them.

There are so many ways to bake cannabis. You can add it to make blazing brownies, butterscotch cookies, chocolate chip cookies, or oatmeal bars. But one cake with weeds will surely stand out from the rest. It is the lemon bud cake. Unlike the brownies, cookies, and bars, the lemon haze strain is a mellow one. You can take it with any beverage, hot or cold. It is perfect for a snack.

But why should you really have to bake your weeds? Here are the advantages of why you should bake your weed.

 It Has More Lasting Effects

 WeedWhen you smoke or vape cannabis, it will go straight to the brain. Thereby, you will feel the effect almost immediately. Eating it will go through digestion, go to the liver, and be absorbed by the blood until it reaches the brain. It may be better to take in weed cake when you are going to a party or any event where it would not look good to vape or smoke.

It Becomes More Potent

Baking your weed will make it more potent than mixing it with your smoothie or cooking it with your dishes. This is especially true when your cake takes 45 minutes or more to be cooked. The ideal temperature to bake is 350 degrees Fahrenheit, making it possible for the decarboxylation process to occur. When taking marijuana as an edible, you have to ‘decarboxylate’ it to get the optimum potency.

It Makes You Look Good

Let’s face it. The public perception of a person using marijuana is that of an unkempt and skinny person. While it may not be true because you are still practicing proper hygiene, you may become thin after some time. This is because weeds increase metabolism. So that you will not lose your body weight at once, taking your weeds in edible forms, like lemon bud cake, may help you maintain your normal body weight.


Nobody Knows You Are Taking It

dessertYou are not allowed to vape or smoke weeds wherever you like it. But eating a slice of cake, nobody will know that there are weeds in it. You can always put it in a lunch box and have a dose of your weeds anywhere.

Weed cakes can be the healthier way to take your weeds. Unlike smoking and vaping, you are not inhaling any smoke. So instead of smoking or vaping, why not not take your marijuana snack?…

Calvin Hamilton

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