Why Bail Bonds are Better Than Cash Bail Payments


Whenever you are convicted of an offense, you may either opt to have a cash bail or bond. These two options are applicable when you need need help getting out of jail. However, settling for a bail bond has numerous benefits compared to cash bails. That said, here are a few reasons that make bail bonds superior to cash bails.

Courts take what they seebail bond

This is one reason that should make you settle for a bail bond. Cash payment has numerous disadvantages and may inconvenience you. If you decide to make cash payments, law courts may use the amount to settle fines and other court expenses. This is indeed an inconvenience because you can pay your charges using predetermined installments. On the other hand, a bail bond cannot be used to settle fines or court expenses. Therefore, this gives both you and your lenders financial freedom.

It is hard to access the services of a public defender

Public defenders are appointed by the court system to help less fortunate persons. Thus, when you make a cash payment, it will seem that you can afford a personal lawyer, which may not always be true. The consequence of this is that law courts may decline to give you their lawyer. That said, you should by no means try to make cash payments. Instead, opt for a bail bond.

Bail forfeiture

This is yet another reason that should make you not expose any cash in a law court. In most cases, courts will tend to shift the jaildepartments where cases are heard. Therefore, in such circumstances, you may appear before a court in an unfamiliar place. In other instances, your case may be assigned to a person you least expect.

Furthermore, if you appear late, for a court proceeding you may suffer bail forfeiture. If you fall a victim of these three circumstances, you may have to hire an attorney that deals with bail law. Failure to this, you may never get back your cash. To avoid such instances, why don’t you consider having a bail bond?

A cash bail exposes your private life

If you want to keep your private life from the public, then you should never settle for cash bails. Once cash is posted, all your arrest information becomes public. This is certainly embarrassing. Thus, it is always advisable to make a bail bond rather than a cash bail, regardless of the situation at hand.…

Calvin Hamilton

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Why You Need To Work With A Car Accident Lawyer

After being involved in a major accident, you may be unsure of the next steps to take. If the accident happens to be minor with no injuries, you might be able to handle it on your own. However, if the accident is a lot more serious with significant car damages and major injuries, contacting a car accident lawyer  should be the first move to make. Below are some of the top reasons to seek the services of a car accident lawyer.

Top reasons to contact a car accident lawyer

To get fair compensation

If the accident you have been involved in is quite serious regarding car accidentinjuries and damage loss, a good car accident lawyer will ensure that you get fair compensation. Probable consequences of the accident, which the lawyer can help deal with, can be lost wages and healthcare expenses. Your lawyer will ensure that the injuries you received are well classified and deemed as serious as they are.

To avoid wrongful accusation

A careless or negligent driver may try to shift the blame on you as the cause of the accident. Being on the wrong side may greatly affect your chances of getting compensation if a lawsuit for personal injury is filed. The rates of your car insurance will also increase if you are found at fault. A car accident lawyer will be able to gather all the relevant evidence and testimonies from witnesses that he can use to support your case.

To handle the claims process

accidentWhen seeking for compensation after an accident, making any mistake might end up being quite costly. Understanding and handling the entire process might also be challenging for many. This makes it a good idea to seek the services of a car accident attorney who will handle all that work on your behalf, with guarantees of zero mistakes. He will also walk you through any procedure that you need to tend to in person, making everything easier for you.

To review your compensation

If you happen to have filed the insurance claims on your own and received compensation that does not satisfy you, you can get a car accident lawyer to put up a case that will force the insurance company to review the compensation. The lawyer will ensure that you get fair and adequate compensation from the losses and injuries suffered.…

Tiffany Robinson